Owning a Boulder Painting Service: Tales from 25 Years Experience

Owning a Boulder painting company for 25 years sounds like a long time – and it is.  Of  course it doesn’t happen all at once, it is one client at a time, one Boulder house painting project at a time. In the beginning I thought it would be nice to paint Boulder homes or do interior painting projects – and it was.  But as time goes by one realizes that it is not just a house or room that is looking better, it is helping Boulder homeowners feel better about their homes and themselves.  One client at a time feeling better about their home and themselves adds up to 25 years of painting, and that is what makes owning a Boulder painting company so rewarding.

Over the years Carter Painting of Boulder has completed many different house painting projects and met many interesting people.  It starts with a phone call to look at the house and usually leads right into exploring color options, sample colors and finally a new look that is often better than imagined.  Along the way we get to know each other and find that hiring a Boulder painter is a relatively painless process. Often times it is a great relief; something off of one’s plate.  Weekends are now freed up to do other things, and a great burden is lifted. Then, when the next painting project comes up, a call to Paul, and before you know it another project is completed. In this process I’ve seen young couples have kids and watched them grow up and start families of their own. It is particularly rewarding to have those kids, now adults, call to have their own houses painted.  I look forward to catching up on the latest things going on in their lives when the next project comes along.

If you have a painting project that you’ve been putting off  for any number of reasons, wait no longer – call Paul we can get it done together.  You will be so pleased with the way your Boulder house looks and the way you feel about yourself for finally getting that painting project taken care of. You may even feel a burden has been lifted and a weekend in the mountains is all that more enjoyable.

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Selecting a Quality Boulder Painter: Tips for the Busy Homeowner

When hiring a Boulder painter it is always best to go with one recommended by a friend or neighbor.  Not only does the recommended Boulder painter want to do a good job for you, but they also don’t want to let the person who gave the referral down either.  That said, sometimes you don’t know anyone who can recommend a Boulder painter.  The next best thing is to get references from Boulder painters you are considering.  Ask for references from other satisfied Boulder homeowners.  Most customers are happy to share their good experience with you and let you see the quality painting job on their Boulder home.

As you are gathering bids from Boulder painters, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Different Boulder painters will use different techniques (spraying vs. brush and rolling).  If you want the job done quick and cheap, spraying is adequate to accomplish this objective.  However, be aware that this method of Boulder house painting will not last in the long run and you will end up re-painting your Boulder home long before you would have to if your Boulder painter uses the more traditional methods of brush and rolling.

Another tip for comparing bids is to have the Boulder painter write out what is to be done.  If you are having a room painted in your Boulder home, make sure the price includes everything you want painted.  Is the ceiling included as well as the trim, and what about the closet?  A big point to get in writing is how many coats of paint the price includes.  A change in color can often take two or more coats.  It may be that you want to pick a color that doesn’t require so many coats which will, in turn, keep the cost down.

By considering a few common sense factors, you can effectively hire a good Boulder painter and have a good Boulder house painting experience.  Hopefully, you will form a lasting relationship with your Boulder painter and look forward to calling him when that next Boulder house painting project arises.  Carter Painting would like to be a part of that process.  Please call or e-mail when you are ready to make your Boulder house look fresh and new!

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Fresh Paint Adds Big Value to Your Boulder Home

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to add value to your Boulder home.  On the outside, keeping the paint in good shape helps keep boards from being damaged by the weather.  Inside, paint can protect rooms with high humidity, like the bathroom, utility room and kitchen.

When selling your Boulder house, a new coat of paint can help improve the appearance of your home dramatically.  The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior paint on your Boulder home.  If the paint looks good, it gives the appearance of a well kept home.  If the paint looks bad, it is natural for a potential buyer to wonder what other items might be neglected, such as the roof or furnace.  Not only does new paint make your Boulder home look fresh and clean, it also makes it smell fresh and clean as well, and gives people an overall good impression of your house.

Oftentimes, homeowners will paint their Boulder house just before they move, with the idea that fresh paint will help command a higher selling price or at least help the home sell more quickly (which it generally does).  While increasing the home’s value with fresh paint is great, many Boulder homeowners are regretful that they did not follow through on Boulder house painting projects earlier, so they could enjoy having their home look just the way they like it while they still live there.  Of course, I would recommend that you freshen up your paint sooner rather than later, as painting the colors of your choice helps turn your Boulder house into a home!

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Boulder House Painting: Is It a DIY Project?

Quality Boulder House Painting Shows!

“Why do I need to hire a professional Boulder painter?”  “Can’t I paint my Boulder home myself?”  “Should I hire the lowest bidder?”  These are all questions many Boulder homeowners ask themselves when it comes time to select a Boulder painter.  The following are some factors to consider when selecting a Boulder painter for your home:

  1. Skill -anyone can slap a coat of paint on a wall, but it takes a skilled painting professional to properly prep the surface, apply the paint and allow adequate drying time.  Carter Painting uses a brush and roller, taking the time that is needed to provide the highest quality Boulder house painting.
  2. Safety – safety is an important consideration when deciding who will paint your Boulder house.  Painting can be dangerous.  Maybe that cathedral ceiling is just a little beyond your reach.  Let an insured Boulder painting contractor climb that tall ladder and handle your Boulder house painting needs.
  3. Health – paint is a hazardous material.  Professional Boulder painters know how to properly handle and dispose of paint and paint materials, minimizing the impact to your family’s health.
  4. Tools – purchasing all the tools you will need for your Boulder house painting project may involve a significant financial investment that  you may not be willing or able to make.  Also, what happens with the tools once you are done painting your Boulder home?  They sit and rust in your garage as you are not likely to often need them again.
  5. Price – while it may be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, is that decision going to provide you the value you expect in the long run?  Many Boulder painting companies send out workers who make use of paint sprayers to quickly apply the paint.  The problem with this method is that it does not last!  Carter Painting paints with care, the good old-fashioned way, providing lasting results.
  6. Cleanup – have you ever hired a Boulder painting contractor only to have him leave a big cleanup job for you to finish once he has collected a check and left?  Carter Painting will do a thorough cleanup, leaving your property in the same condition it was from the start – except of course for the beautiful fresh coat of paint on your Boulder home!

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Carter Painting of Boulder Launches New Website

Top quality Boulder painter Paul Carter of Carter Painting has a new website!  Stay tuned for exciting new content to be added soon.  We will be posting new photos and news on this page regularly, so plan to check back frequently to view beautiful interior painting in Boulder, CO.

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