Owning a Boulder Painting Service: Tales from 25 Years Experience

Owning a Boulder painting company for 25 years sounds like a long time – and it is.  Of  course it doesn’t happen all at once, it is one client at a time, one Boulder house painting project at a time. In the beginning I thought it would be nice to paint Boulder homes or do interior painting projects – and it was.  But as time goes by one realizes that it is not just a house or room that is looking better, it is helping Boulder homeowners feel better about their homes and themselves.  One client at a time feeling better about their home and themselves adds up to 25 years of painting, and that is what makes owning a Boulder painting company so rewarding.

Over the years Carter Painting of Boulder has completed many different house painting projects and met many interesting people.  It starts with a phone call to look at the house and usually leads right into exploring color options, sample colors and finally a new look that is often better than imagined.  Along the way we get to know each other and find that hiring a Boulder painter is a relatively painless process. Often times it is a great relief; something off of one’s plate.  Weekends are now freed up to do other things, and a great burden is lifted. Then, when the next painting project comes up, a call to Paul, and before you know it another project is completed. In this process I’ve seen young couples have kids and watched them grow up and start families of their own. It is particularly rewarding to have those kids, now adults, call to have their own houses painted.  I look forward to catching up on the latest things going on in their lives when the next project comes along.

If you have a painting project that you’ve been putting off  for any number of reasons, wait no longer – call Paul we can get it done together.  You will be so pleased with the way your Boulder house looks and the way you feel about yourself for finally getting that painting project taken care of. You may even feel a burden has been lifted and a weekend in the mountains is all that more enjoyable.

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