Selecting a Quality Boulder Painter: Tips for the Busy Homeowner

When hiring a Boulder painter it is always best to go with one recommended by a friend or neighbor.  Not only does the recommended Boulder painter want to do a good job for you, but they also don’t want to let the person who gave the referral down either.  That said, sometimes you don’t know anyone who can recommend a Boulder painter.  The next best thing is to get references from Boulder painters you are considering.  Ask for references from other satisfied Boulder homeowners.  Most customers are happy to share their good experience with you and let you see the quality painting job on their Boulder home.

As you are gathering bids from Boulder painters, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Different Boulder painters will use different techniques (spraying vs. brush and rolling).  If you want the job done quick and cheap, spraying is adequate to accomplish this objective.  However, be aware that this method of Boulder house painting will not last in the long run and you will end up re-painting your Boulder home long before you would have to if your Boulder painter uses the more traditional methods of brush and rolling.

Another tip for comparing bids is to have the Boulder painter write out what is to be done.  If you are having a room painted in your Boulder home, make sure the price includes everything you want painted.  Is the ceiling included as well as the trim, and what about the closet?  A big point to get in writing is how many coats of paint the price includes.  A change in color can often take two or more coats.  It may be that you want to pick a color that doesn’t require so many coats which will, in turn, keep the cost down.

By considering a few common sense factors, you can effectively hire a good Boulder painter and have a good Boulder house painting experience.  Hopefully, you will form a lasting relationship with your Boulder painter and look forward to calling him when that next Boulder house painting project arises.  Carter Painting would like to be a part of that process.  Please call or e-mail when you are ready to make your Boulder house look fresh and new!

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